NaviPlan University Program certification highlights

Participants of the NaviPlan University Program are able to obtain an optional NaviPlan certification through additional comprehensive NaviPlan training. The self-guided materials for the certification are designed to allow this impactful program to integrate seamlessly with your curriculum. Students will complete the Certification Program through an engaging, interactive e-learning course, broken into eight modules that include:



interactive case studies

case studies

module quizzes

Module quizzes

comprehensive final exam

final exam

Certification Program FAQs

Why complete a NaviPlan certification?

With completion of the program, students will gain a valuable knowledge certification showing proficiency in one of the industry’s most widely used financial planning tools, giving them a leg up on competing candidates in the job market.

What is the NaviPlan certification?

The NaviPlan certification is presented to students in the NaviPlan University Program who complete an additional set of self-guided, online training courses geared towards specific functionality in NaviPlan. Following the completion of these training courses, students will take quizzes to ensure comprehension and have the option of presenting their experience in the form of a case study. To earn the NaviPlan Certification, students will complete a final online assessment.

How is the NaviPlan University Program incorporated into a school’s financial planning curriculum?

Materials used in the program are designed to seamlessly integrate with a professor or program’s current curriculum. Student self-guided study materials allow universities to offer the program with little additional effort. The course takes about 6 hours to complete and concludes with a short but comprehensive final exam.

Which schools are eligible to participate in the NaviPlan University Program?

Any college or university who offers a financial planning degree certified by the Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) Board is eligible to participate.

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