How are inefficiencies hurting your business?

You may be sacrificing productivity, quality, profits, and more.

How to develop a process-driven practice: Eliminate inefficient processes with technology

Firms of all sizes often struggle with inefficient financial planning processes, which can lead to many problems throughout an organization. Among the biggest are wasted time, squandered profits, and reduced service quality.

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How inefficiencies hurt business


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C-suite executive

Lower plan quality

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Improve your process

Demonstrating value to clients is one of the most challenging tasks that financial advisors face. The intangibility of financial services and variability from client-to-client make it difficult to establish efficient, repeatable processes.

Born out of these challenges, process-driven selling can help to refine workflows, allowing sellers to focus more on client needs than on administrative tasks.


Success through structure

Along with all the extraneous tasks of operating a business, generation maximum revenue from each prospect is critical for financial advisors to find success. Especially for new advisors, the best and most efficient way to do this is by developing a consistent, well-structured sales process.

The right financial planning software lays the groundwork for implementing process, while being flexible enough to accommodate the needs each unique client.


Too much technology?

Though technology plays an essential role in financial services firms, too much technology can actually hinder efficiency. This is evident in some closed-off financial planning tools that create a laundry list of time-wasting activities such as transferring information and additional required accuracy checks.

These closed-off systems make it difficult develop a seamless process to provide financial plans. For firms anywhere from the enterprise to the independent level, utilizing APIs is the answer.


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Results powered by NaviPlan


Reduced time spent developing financial plans by up to 35 percent


Reduced time spent on management reporting by up to 25 percent


Reduced annual client revenue loss by up to 10 percent


Reduced financial planning compliance expenses by up to 20 percent

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