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NaviPlan financial planning APIs


Getting started

The RESTful NaviPlan APIs are documented using the industry standard strategy and file type known as Swagger. The interactive API portal allows developers to browse the API calls, sorted in alphabetical order, drill down into the details of information necessary to create solutions, and even try the methods to understand how the request and response message will appear.

NaviPlan API links

  • NaviPlan financial planning API
    The online plan viewing API supports the ability to view various aspects of the financial plans generated within our Naviplan financial planning tool. This API supports the ability to retrieve goals, cash flows, and other financial information from the plan. It is often utilized to incorporate financial planning information within client-facing portals and applications.
    You can read more about these planning API use cases here.
  • NaviPlan fact finder API
    The fact finder API provides you with the capability to capture your client’s demographic information, current financial status and goals.
    You can read more about fact finder use cases here.