How satisfied are your most valuable clients?

They may be expecting more than just advice.


Plan for the best: Aligning your technology with the needs of high-net-worth clients

Many advisors who serve HNW clients believe that harnessing technology is the key to growing their practices.

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What you need to know about HNW investors

It is time to get to know the 36 million most lucrative clients in the world.


high earner

Business owner

business owner

C-suite Executive

C-suite executive

Wealthy Retiree

wealthy retiree

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Leveraging HNW personas

Individuals and businesses buy products or services because they need to solve a problem. For example, clients engage with HNW advisors for expertise on estate plans, tax plans, investment management, or a number of other services.

In the case of Advicent, financial professionals choose to purchase our software because it helps them more effectively serve their HNW clients. Crafting buyer personas enables your business to understand why your customers buy from your business.


Catering to HNW needs

In a financial advisor's perfect world, their book of business would likely contain many HNW clients. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. While it sounds ideal to have a book full of HNW clients, attracting and retaining them in a highly competitive market is an industry-wide struggle.

It is vital that advisors have a plan in place to attract HNW clients instead of hoping for them to walk through the door on their own. One of the most important things an advisor can do is differentiate themselves from their competition while delivering their value proposition to potential HNW clients and piquing their interest for a meeting.


Attracting HNW Clients

As both large and small firms continue to refine their strategies for the year, many are likely focusing on how to grow additional AUM from their existing client base.

If HNW individuals comprise a significant portion of your AUM, the returns provided by better supporting these clients will be far greater in the immediate future than the returns offered by younger high-earning clients who are likely still saddled with debt and indifference toward the client-advisor relationship.


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