Free NaviPlan client portal access

Deliver a seamless digital experience.

Through 2021, access the NaviPlan client portal for free.

At Advicent, our mission is to enable everyone to understand and impact their financial futures. Given the extraordinary times, it has never been more important to make financial planning safe and accessible to the greater advisor community. With that in mind, Advicent has decided to make the NaviPlan client portal free to all new and current NaviPlan users through December 2021. Begin delivering a seamless digital experience with the NaviPlan client portal today.

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Free client portal access through December 31, 2021.

Offer announcement

Advicent CEO Angela Pecoraro discusses how NaviPlan will assist advisors during these unprecedented times with free access to the NaviPlan client portal through 2021 for all new and existing clients.

Client portal features

Advisor Briefcase content

As an additional resource for advisors, Advicent has made all Advisor Briefcase marketing materials available for free to NaviPlan users. Accessible in the NaviPlan Learning Center, this content library features a wide array of documents to help communicate to clients and alleviate investor fears during these uncertain times.

Disclaimer: To take advantage of this NaviPlan client portal promotion you must have:

  1. a current NaviPlan retail subscription in good standing, or
  2. execute a NaviPlan subscription of two (2) years or longer before 12/31/2020.

If you meet the above criteria, NaviPlan® client portal access will be provided as part of your NaviPlan® subscription at no additional cost until 12/31/2021 and so long as you maintain an active NaviPlan subscription in good standing. If you wish to access the NaviPlan client portal at the conclusion of this promotion, additional fees may apply. Advicent reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time and to add, remove, or alter features that it makes available to you as part of the NaviPlan client portal at its sole and absolute discretion. This promotion is not available to non-retail users.