For learners who are new to financial planning software, we offer step-by-step instruction in our Guided Learning course. For experienced individuals that are comfortable navigating NaviPlan, our Self-directed Learning course takes an in-depth look at NaviPlan features and functionality. Access these free courses by registering for eTraining below.

Guided learning

eTraining: Guided Learning

Estimated time to complete: 4-6 hours

This curriculum provides an in-depth introduction to NaviPlan including how to navigate the interface, enter data, and utilize the robust planning capabilities. Learners will be guided through the most important basics of creating both a Forecaster and Level 2 plan. Learners may want to continue their learning with eTraining: Self-directed Learning upon completion.

This curriculum includes:

  • 5 distinct courses
  • Step-by-step instruction via NaviPlan simulations, videos, and demonstrations
  • Guided, interactive activities to apply knowledge in a sandbox environment
  • Detailed foundation knowledge for leveraging financial planning software

This curriculum is ideal for learners who:

  • Are new to financial planning software
  • Are new to financial planning
  • Seeking guided, step by step instruction

eTraining: Self-directed Learning

Estimated time to complete: 5-8 hours

This comprehensive overview dives into numerous planning topics and provides suggestions to get the most out of NaviPlan. The course is completed at the learner’s pace, and it provides an opportunity to build a sample client in NaviPlan.

This curriculum includes:

  • A self-paced, flexible course broken into 7 modules
  • High level overviews of all features of NaviPlan
  • A wide spectrum of information from client basics to advanced planning topics
  • A Plan Creation Guide that coaches learners in creating a sample plan in NaviPlan
  • A comprehensive quiz

This curriculum is ideal for learners who:

  • Are experienced with financial planning software
  • Seek to refresh their NaviPlan knowledge
  • Are comfortable with basic navigation in NaviPlan
  • Seek flexible instruction
Self-directed training