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Blue Ocean Global Wealth specializes in ethical financial planning and wealth management advice, providing holistic plans for their clients. However, the firm faced the challenge of finding a tool that was thorough and scalable enough to deliver advice to clients from all economic backgrounds. By implementing NaviPlan® and the Presentation Module,  advisors were able to cater recommendations to each prospect or client while continuing to practice transparency by showing clients how different financial scenarios compare to their current situations.

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How NaviPlan can help

Built on the most precise calculation engine in the financial planning market, NaviPlan® empowers firms to cater their services to any client, from simple goal-based assessments to advanced cash flow planning analysis.

A closer look at this firm's success with Advicent technology:

  • Increased annual revenue by 15 percent
  • Increased prospect conversion rate by nearly 100 percent
  • Reduced compliance expenses by 20 percent
  • Charges between $1,200 to $4,000 per plan
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Make every meeting a collaboration with Presentation Module in NaviPlan.